Herculaneum VI.1. Terme or Thermae Centrali or Central Baths.


Herculaneum VI.1. Terme or thermae Centrali or Central Baths.

See Pesando F. and Guidobaldi M. P., 2006. Pompeii, Oplontis Ercolano et Stabiae. Roma: Laterzi.

A  Mens baths Apodyterium

B  Mens baths Frigidarium

C  Mens baths Tepidarium

D  Mens baths Calidarium

E  Womens baths Waiting room

F  Womens baths Apodyterium

G  Womens baths Tepidarium

H  Womens baths Calidarium

I  Massage and ointments room

L  Open area exercise yard connected to Palaestra

M   Shop at VI.6, also accessible from exercise yard

N   Shop at VI.6, rear room

O  Well with lifting wheel

P  Praefurnium

Pr  Praefurnium

a  Doorkeepers site

a'  Latrine at VI.31