Herculaneum Insula VII plan.

Herculaneum. Plan of Insula VII.

See Pesando F. and Guidobaldi M. P., 2006. Pompeii, Oplontis Ercolano et Stabiae. Roma: Laterzi.

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This insula is not fully excavated so the purpose of some entrances is unknown and shown with a "?".

VII.1   VII.17   VII.18   Workshop and dwelling of of C. Messenius Eunomus

VII.2   Casa di Galba or House of Galba

VII.3   Steps to upper floor

VII.4   Shop

VII.5   Steps to upper floor, above the House of Galba

VII.6   ?

VII.7   Shop?

VII.8   Shop with bench outside

VII.9   ?

VII.10  Shop?

VII.11  ?

VII.12  ?

VII.13  ?

VII.14  ?

VII.15   VII.16   Basilica Noniana