Herculaneum Insula II plan.

Herculaneum Insula II plan

Herculaneum. Plan of Insula II.

See Pesando F. and Guidobaldi M. P., 2006. Pompeii, Oplontis Ercolano et Stabiae. Roma: Laterzi.

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IN      Ercolano Ingresso e ponte di accesso. Herculaneum entrance and access bridge

II.1    Casa di Aristede or House of Aristedes        

II.2    Casa d' Argo or House of Argus

II.3    Casa del Genio or House of the Genius

II.4    Shop, possibly linked to house at II.5

II.5    House, possibly linked to shop at II.4, with steps to upper floor at II.8

II.6    Bar serving drinks and hot food, with entrance also at II.7

II.7    Bar-room, linked to entrance at II.6

II.8    Stairs to upper floor, perhaps above house at II.5