Herculaneum Insula III plan.

Herculaneum. Plan of Insula III.

See Pesando F. and Guidobaldi M. P., 2006. Pompeii, Oplontis Ercolano et Stabiae. Roma: Laterzi.

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III.1   III.2   III.18   III.19   Casa dell’Albergo

III.3   Casa dello Scheletro, or House of the Skeleton.

III.4   Shop or workshop with rear room, or small house

III.5   Stone steps to upper floor

III.6   Shop linked to part of III.11, Casa dell Tramezzo di legno

III.7   Public latrine

III.8   Large shop, linked to Casa del Tramezzo di legno

III.9   Large shop, linked to III.8 and Casa del Tramezzo di legno

III.10   Bottega del Lanarius, or Workshop of Lanarius.

III.11   Casa del Tramezzo di Legno, or House of the Wooden Screen.

III.12  Shop with steep staircase to apartments on first and second floors

III.13   Steps to an upper floor apartment with balcony

III.14   Casa a Graticcio or House of the Wattle Work (Opus Craticium)

III.15   Shop and room, with windlass and rope, linked to Casa a Graticcio

III.16   Casa dell’ Erma di Bronzo, or House of the Bronze Herm.

III.17   Casa dell’Ara Laterizia or House of the Brick Altar.