Herculaneum Insula Orientalis II plan.

Herculaneum. Plan of Insula Orientalis II.

See Pesando F. and Guidobaldi M. P., 2006. Pompeii, Oplontis Ercolano et Stabiae. Roma: Laterzi.

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Ins. Or. II.1   

Ins. Or. II.1a   Bakery on north side of Vicolo Meridionale

Ins. Or. II.1b   Peristyle of a building not yet excavated

Ins. Or. II.2   Living quarters of owner of pistrinum Ins. Or. II.1a

Ins. Or. II.3   

Ins. Or. II.4   Paleastra entrance, Palaestra, apsidal room and north side

Ins. Or. II.5   Workshop, dye-shop, officina tinctoria

Ins. Or. II.6   Thermopolium or Shop of Marcus Livius Alcimus

Ins. Or. II.7   Doorway to upper floors

Ins. Or. II.8   Pistrinum di Sextus Patulcius Felix, Bakery

Ins. Or. II.9   Wine shop of L.R. Antigonus with rear room and upper floor dwelling

Ins. Or. II.10  Workshop of the gem-cutter or gemmarius

Ins. Or. II.11   Dye house. Tinctoria

Ins. Or. II.12   Entrance hall connecting to shops numbered 11 and 13

Ins. Or. II.13   Shop or Popina of Aulus Fuferus

Ins. Or. II.14   Workshop of an artisan

Ins. Or. II.15   Workshop of an artisan

Ins. Or. II.16   Shop with rear room

Ins. Or. II.17   Entrance to upper floor

Ins. Or. II.18   Workshop or dye-works or tinctoria

Ins. Or. II.19   Upper Aula leading to a series of rooms above the Palaestra