Herculaneum / Ercolano Insula VI

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Herculaneum VI.1

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.1

Thermae Centrali or Central Baths, main entrance. Linked to VI.7, VI.8 and VI.10

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Herculaneum VI.2

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.2

Hospitium, small inn or lodgings, linked to VI.3

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Herculaneum VI.3

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.3

Hospitium, small inn or lodgings, linked to VI.2

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Herculaneum VI.4

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.4

Rectangular space at the side of the palaestra and  connected with VI.5

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Herculaneum VI.5

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.5

Doorway to open-air exercise yard, now leading to the east portico of the columned portico

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Herculaneum VI.6

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.6

Shop with rear room. Connected to rectangular exercise area and VI.5

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Herculaneum VI.7

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.7

Central Baths corridor leading to the palaestra and across that to the Men’s Baths

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Herculaneum VI.8

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.8

Terme Centrali or Central Baths. The entrance to the Women’s Baths

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Herculaneum VI.9

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.9

Shop formed from the original entrance vestibule to the women’s baths?

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Herculaneum VI.10

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.10

Entrance to service quarters, praefurnium, water tower and deep well of the Central Baths

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Herculaneum VI.11

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.11

Rear entrance of Casa del Salone Nero or House of the black salon or room at VI.13

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Herculaneum VI.12

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.12

Shop of a plumbarius (bronze worker or repairer) once part of the Casa del Salone Nero

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Herculaneum VI.13

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.13

Casa del Salone nero or House of the black salon or room, linked to rear entrance at VI.11

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Herculaneum VI.14

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.14

Shop or bar with sign advertising jugs and drinks with AD CVCVMAS (Ad Cucumas) above

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Herculaneum VI.15

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.15

Shop, with remains of carbonised floor/ceiling support beams, and stairs/ladder to an upper floor

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Herculaneum VI.16

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.16

Shop. Linked to atrium of VI.17. Originally a cubiculum opening into the atrium

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Herculaneum VI.17

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.17

Casa del Colonnato Tuscanico or House of the Tuscan Colonnade

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Herculaneum VI.18

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.18

Shop connected at rear to atrium of VI.17

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Herculaneum VI.19

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.19

Bar or single-roomed shop, with storage jars but no decoration

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Herculaneum VI.20

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.20

Shrine or schola, a place for gatherings

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Herculaneum VI.21

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.21

Sede degli Augustali or Hall of the Augustales or Curia, linked to VI.24

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Herculaneum VI.22

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.22

Pondera or weights and measures office? Linked to VI.23

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Herculaneum VI.23

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.23

Schola or meeting place? Linked to VI.22

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Herculaneum VI.24

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.24

Rear door of Sede degli Augustali or Hall of the Augustales or Curia (VI.21)

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Herculaneum VI.25

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.25

Shop with stairs up and no decoration

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Herculaneum VI.26

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.26

Rear entrance of Casa del Colonnato Tuscanico (VI 17)

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Herculaneum VI.27

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.27

Steps to apartment above rear of the Casa del Colonnato Tuscanico

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Herculaneum VI.28

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.28

Cella Ostiaria? Doorway to room, linked to atrium of VI.29

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Herculaneum VI.29

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.29

Casa dei Due Atri or House of the two atriums

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Herculaneum VI.30

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.30

Area in north-west corner of Central Baths

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Herculaneum VI.31

Herculaneum / Ercolano VI.31

Latrine and tiny room for door-keeper of men’s Central Baths

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Herculaneum Insula II Plan

Herculaneum / Ercolano Insula VI Plan

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